© Foto: Ferienregion Böhmerwald | Mario Gärtner | Bärnsteinhof
Ein Gericht der Speisekarte vom Hotel Bärensteinhof.
© Foto: Mario Gärnter | Kräuter- und Wanderhotel Bärnsteinhof
Fischgericht auf einem ovalen weißen Teller auf der Terrasse serviert.

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Traditional tavern culture in the Böhmerwald 

What would the Böhmerwald region be without its restaurateurs, who not only cultivate hospitality but also know exactly how to showcase local culinary specialities? Like the region’s typical bacon, served in the form of baked bacon dumplings, called Speckknödel. Or linseed oil served in its traditional form as linseed oil potatoes. And who could forget enjoying a Böhmerwald beer.


That's the taste of the Mühlviertel - Specialities from the granite country - from beer to smoked bacon.


Culinary packages