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Zwei Mountainbiker auf einem Wiesenweg bei Sonnenschein.
Zwei Mountainbiker auf einem Wiesenweg bei Sonnenschein.

Small details along the way

Cycling routes for all conditions of our guests

If you pedal in the Šumava holiday region, you can explore enchanting natural paradises and almost forgotten cultural monuments. The wilderness of the Sumava National Park in the Czech Republic, the impressive biodiversity of the European Protected Area Šumava and the mill valleys, the lush green hills of the Mühlviertel and the small details along the way are all waiting to be discovered. You cycle for kilometres on asphalt or sand roads to idyllic places and vantage points. Many sights, such as the Schwarzenberg alluvial canal, Plöckensteinersee (CZ), Moldaublick lookout or Schlägl Abbey lie along these routes.
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Cycling holidays

Cycling in the border triangle of Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic is a real insider tip for racing cyclists. The roads are well asphalted - even high speeds can be ridden well. There is a wide choice of tours with different requirements. Beginners should opt for a shorter tour, with around 1,000 metres of altitude gain over 50 kilometres.  For all athletes who want to train their endurance and complete basic units, the flat tours around Lake Vltava in the Czech Republic are ideal.

Rent an e-bike and the hill loses its terror.

You want to get to the most beautiful places in the Bohemian Forest quickly and in a relaxed way? You want to experience double the riding pleasure with half the effort? Swing into the saddle and cover even long and hilly distances without any problems thanks to the sophisticated technology of the electric bikes.

It's no fun if you run out of breath halfway up the hill. With electric bikes, even steep stretches lose their terror. But if you think you will be spared pedalling altogether, you are mistaken. The ingenious system merely amplifies your own pedalling motion. It's especially fun when you suddenly outpace the well-trained mountain biker. The e-bikes are also a special tip for those who want to keep up with their more fit partner.