Rohrbach-Berg, Oberösterreich, Österreich

Today, Rohrbach-Berg is known as a shopping, sports and school town. The district town lives up to its reputation as a dynamic shopping town thanks to its wide range of sectors.

Our Museums provide information about the history of letterpress printing and the creation of the mill circle railway. In the Museum of the Senses "Villa Sinnenreich" you can experience all kinds of sensory illusions!

The Wallfahrtskirche Maria Trost is very popular with pilgrims from near and far. From the southern edge of the Berger forest, a "Hainsimsen beech forest" (a phytosociological treasure), walkers, joggers and Nordic walkers can enjoy a fantastic view, on nice days even as far as the Alps.

In terms of landscape, Rohrbach-Berg is part of the Zwischenmühl ridge, which slopes down from north to south. 

The Schigebiet Hochficht is 22 km away!
The Nordic centre for cross-country skiers 18 km.

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