St. Oswald bei Haslach

St. Oswald bei Haslach, Oberösterreich, Österreich
Numerous well-marked cycle paths and hiking routes run through the beautiful forests of the surrounding area and the beautiful landscape of the Upper Mühlviertel. The parish church of St Oswald near Haslach was looked after by canons of Schlägl Abbey and is visible from afar. The high altar by Josef Keplinger from Ottenheim in 1894 is particularly worth seeing.

The Schwarzenberg Alluvial Canal flows through the middle of the Bohemian Forest and is one of the most famous canal drifts in Central Europe. The canal was built around 1800 and was used for profitable timber extraction.

Other sights include the Maria Theresa's main boundary stone and the Reichenau Monument.


St. Oswald was first mentioned in a document in 1277. Wittigo von Krumau bequeathed three villages to Hohenfurt Abbey on his deathbed in the presence of the priests Prebislaus von Friedberg and Christian von St. Oswaldi. The deeds were probably signed at Wittinghausen Castle, which may prove the presence of the pastors of the neighbouring parishes. St Oswald was probably already a parish around this time. The reclamation up to Aigen seems to have taken place in the 12th century. St Oswald and the surrounding villages were created on the land cleared by the Blankenberger-Wittigonen-Rosenberger. They originated from "wild roots", i.e. the clearers once cut them out of the forest. The place names Schwackerreith, Damreith, Günterreith (reith - to clear), the cultivated strips, field names and the village well are evidence of this.


St. Oswald bei Haslach
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