Enjoy the Bohemian Forest

Hops and malt - God preserve it.

This saying can be taken literally in Schlägl, where beer has been brewed in Austria's only monastery brewery since 1580. Great importance is attached to the origin of the natural ingredients: clear, pure primary rock water from the Bohemian Forest, malt from Austrian malt houses and the finest Mühlviertel hops. Only a few steps away from the brewery, you can taste noble drops from all over the world at the beer sommelier world champion Karl Schiffner. With more than 150 varieties to choose from, the landlord is happy to offer advice and assistance. The aromatic barley juice also adds a special touch to the dishes. Beer is even served with dessert. If you are shaking your head now, you simply haven't tried it yet.

Bacon from Helfenberg on everyone's lips

No Mühlviertler Brettljause should be without bacon. Peter Haudum's bacon workshop produces not only the finest square bacon, tasty pancetta and other traditional varieties, but also unique creations such as rib-eye bacon or Mühlviertler diet bacon. The landlord even had a gingerbread bacon on offer once. There are no limits to the joy of experimenting with smoking. The special taste experience has recently become available in a gift-wrapped tin. And if you don't have time to visit the landlord in the bacon workshop yourself, you can also order the good delicacies conveniently in the online shop. 

Herbs in the garden and kitchen

Hand-picked and lovingly prepared - that's how herbs lend the right spice to dishes in the region's restaurants. A visit to Austria's largest medicinal herb garden in Klaffer am Hochficht, where around a thousand native and exotic plants thrive and delight guests with their scent, is instructive. But where do you find the herbs in the forest and meadow? Fred and Christine from the Kräuteralm answer this exciting question during guided wild herb walks. Tips on preserving herbs and recipes that can be integrated into the daily menu are given to the participants.

Traditional feasting, Leinö, Knodn, Erdäpfö

In Haslach an der Mühl you can take a trip back in time. The medieval gate tower leads into the village, where lovingly designed museums bring to life stories of good old times. In the Middle Ages, the village was famous for its linen fabrics. In the old oil mill in Haslach, the delicious linseed oil is still produced from the seeds of the flax plant after more than 600 years. The oil gives a traditional dish of the region, the linseed oil potatoes, its unusual, slightly tart flavour. But it is not only potatoes that are often served in the region. In the region's restaurants, dumplings of all kinds enrich the menu.

Culinary delights and beer

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