Haslach an der Mühl

Haslach an der Mühl, Oberösterreich, Österreich
Haslach is a liveable and lovable place with tradition and a future just a few minutes' walk from the town centre, where you can experience pure nature by the forest and water. For anyone travelling to the northern tip of our country for the first time, it is actually impossible to simply leave Haslach to the left or right. The history-steeped, legendary weaving market never fails to fascinate.

The attractive town is nestled in a lovely wooded low mountain range landscape, at the confluence of the Große and Steinerne Mühl rivers. Haslach's local mountain is the 752 metre high "Tanzboden" (Ekartsberg). Haslach has been one of Austria's "weaving markets" since the 16th century. Today there are still three weaving mills. The annual summer event "Textile Culture Haslach" and other initiatives provide a cross-section of the diverse and sophisticated work of the textile industry. In the multifaceted Museum landscape of Haslach brings history to life.


The Lords of Rosenberg had this area near the border settled on behalf of the Archbishop of Passau. Haslach was mentioned in the chronicles of Passau in 1217. Privileges such as market rights, salt regulations and advertising regulations gave the market a special significance early on.
The cultivation of flax allowed domestic weaving to flourish in Haslach. In 1833, the wealthy Vonwiller family from Upper Italy built a modern textile factory in Haslach. A lively trade developed in linen, sheepskin and cotton fabrics and later also in silk and the famous piquet waistcoat fabrics. The fine cloth not only conquered the European markets, but was also supplied to Persia, the USA, Canada and South America. The building complex of the former textile factory - 8000 m² on 8 levels, built into the rock - is still a landmark of the historic weaving market today. A fortnight-long symposium in July with specialist lectures, exhibitions and a comprehensive range of courses on all textile techniques commemorates the heyday of Haslach's textile culture.


Haslach an der Mühl
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