Swing golf in the Böhmerwaldpark

Ulrichsberg, Oberösterreich, Österreich
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SwingGOLF is a very simple version of classic golf and can be played immediately by anyone without much explanation. The task is to transport a hard foam ball from the tee over the mown fairways into the respective hole using a universal club and as few strokes as possible. The game is played in groups of up to 6 people.

In the Böhmerwaldpark we have a 9-hole round with a length of 1.7 km in quite difficult terrain with many obstacles such as trees, slopes, inclines and bunkers. The tee-off is on original GOLG tees YELLOW for MEN, RED for WOMEN. The holes are located on the low mown greens. It would also be possible for children to play the large holes of the football golfers instead of the small golf ball holes. A 9-hole round can also be played twice!

As SwinGolf is played on a real golf course here in the Bohemian Forest, registration is mandatory for safety reasons alone. This can be done using the form, by telephone or at the park office. Scorecards and clubs and balls can also be hired there.

For orientation - (total PAR 40)
Hole 1 = PAR 4
Hole 2 = PAR 6
Hole 3 = PAR 4
Hole 4 = PAR 4
Hole 5 = PAR 4
Hole 6 = PAR 5
Hole 7 = PAR 5
Hole 8 = PAR 4
Hole 9 = PAR 4


  • Consideration of golfers, fellow players, plants and all other facilities
  • A playing group ("flight") consists of a maximum of 6 players
  • Each player must make sure before (!) his shot that nothing and nobody crosses his path when he wants to shoot
  • The tees for the swing golfers are located on an imaginary line between 2 red (ladies) or yellow (men) markers. Play continues from where the ball lands. Continue like this to the finish.

Important safety advice!

If you hear the call "FORE" on the golf course, this means that a golf ball is moving unintentionally and dangerously in your direction. Duck as quickly as possible and put your hands over your head to protect yourself.

Swing golf is possible during the golf season from April to November!

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Swing golf in the Böhmerwaldpark
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