Green natural cosmetics

Aigen-Schlägl, Oberösterreich, Österreich

Short training course with Elisabeth Pichler

Make your own cosmetic products

Part 1: Living plastic-free = cleaning skin and hair naturally

The aim is to produce alternatives to conventional care products. The course teaches the basics of "green cosmetics". Which plants and ingredients are used? You will learn how to clean hair, body and face, the different types of deodorants and natural tooth care. 

Part 2: Living plastic-free = making ointments and creams from plants

Green cosmetics deliberately avoid complicated ingredients such as emulsifiers and preservatives.such as emulsifiers and preservatives. High-quality oils, fats, waxes and a wide variety of plant tinctures are used. Conventionally produced creams are almost exclusively white, but green cosmetics are colourful. Each colour has different properties, which are explained in detail, as are the effects of the other herbal ingredients. Together, we make a healing ointment, a lip balm and two skin care creams.  

Part 3: Living plastic-free = natural make-up

Green cosmetics also means taking a close look at make-up products.Many contain problematic substances that are harmful to our health and the environment. This calls into question the careful use of care and cleansing products. Products that are as natural as possible are a good alternative and simple products have an amazing effect.

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Green natural cosmetics
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