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Experience history in the Böhmerwald (Bohemian Forest)

Aigen-Schlägl, Oberösterreich , Österreich

Schwarzenbergischer Schwemmkanal (Schwarzenberg log flume)

from price
  • € 167,00 per person
  • bookable from 1 person


  • 3 nights

Included services:

  • 3 nights with breakfast or half board at a traditional inn
  • visit to the historical Schauschwemme (show floating) at the Schwarzenbergischer Schwemmkanal (Schwarzenberg log flume)
  • bicycle tour with an e-bike
  • opportunity to visit the following museums: Mechanische Klangfabrik (mechanical sound factory) (Haslach), Webereimuseum (museum of weaving) (Haslach), Erlebniswelt Villa sinnenreich (Villa realm of senses adventure world) (Rohrbach), Ölmühle Haslach (Haslach oil mill), Speckwerkstatt Haudum (Haudum bacon factory) (Helfenberg), Aussichtstürme Alpen- und Moldaublick (Alpenblick and Moldaublick lookout towers) (Ulrichsberg), Kulturhaus and Glasmuseum Ulrichsberg (Ulrichsberg house of culture and glass museum)
  • souvenir
  • Half-board
  • Breakfast
Travel period

    Depending on arrival! Fixed event is the Schauschwemme (show floating) in the Sonnenwald (Sonnenwald forest) on 07 June 2015!

    possible date of arrival

    Thursday through Saturday

    further information

    ​The secret eighth wonder of the world - the Schwarzenbergischer Schwemmkanal (Schwarzenberg log flume)
    The deep forests of the Böhmerwald (Bohemian Forest) keep a secret wonder of the world - the Schwarzenbergischer Schwemmkanal. This log flume originated in the 18th century. A bold undertaking that could only be realised with highly advanced knowledge of structural engineering. This act of pioneering consisted of overcoming the continental watershed (790 m) between the Danube and the Moldau. During the “Goldene Zeit der Schwemme” (golden age of lumber floating), 8 million cubic metres of wood were transported. For several years, the Schwarzenbergischer Schwemmkanal has been coming to life every year during the Schauschwemmen (lumber show floatings).

    Day 1: Arrive, and enjoy panoramic views
    Upon your arrival, we will greet you with a welcome drink. Enjoy the view of the Upper Mühlviertel and the Czech Republic from one of the lookout towers, or discover the diversity of high-quality linen produced at the Leinenmanufaktur Leitner (Leitner linen manufacture) in Ulrichsberg.

    Day 2: Bike tour along the Schwemmkanal (log flume) and Schauschwemme (show floating)
    The larger mountains become less threatening with an e-bike. Along the Schwemmkanal, however, you will not find any! The “Auge des Böhmerwalds”(Eye of the Bohemian Forest) (Adalbert Stifter) - the Plöckensteinersee (Lake Plöckensteinersee) is worth a detour. In the afternoon, you will visit the historical Schauschwemme at the Schwarzenbergischer Schwemmkanal.

    Day 3: Hiking and discovering
    Today you will have the opportunity to visit a particularity of the Schwemmkanal. After a hike to the Steilstufe (scarp) near Morau, you will be able to see how dangerous the lumber transport must have been at this spot. Afterwards, you will have the opportunity to taste linseed oil, a regional speciality.

    Day 4: Depart with many interesting memories
    Before your departure, you can still learn a lot about the Böhmerwaldglas (Bohemian Forest glass) which is produced here. With a small souvenir, you will then leave the Böhmerwald holiday region.


    • 3 nights with breakfast    EUR 167.00 per person in a double room
    • 3 nights with half board  EUR 201.00 per person in a double room
    • surcharge for single persons EUR 30.00
    • additional night possible
    • children’s discount upon request
    • rates excl. tourism levy EUR 1.50/person/night
    • Suitable for seniors
    • Suitable for friends
    • Suitable for couples
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    • For families
    Leinenmanufaktur Leitner

    Leinenmanufaktur Leitner

    Stifterstraße 25, 4161 Ulrichsberg

    +43 7288 70170

    Mechanische Klangfabrik

    Mechanische Klangfabrik

    TuK - Vonwiller, Stelzen 15, 4170 Haslach an der Mühl

    +43 7289 72300

    Villa Sinnenreich

    Villa Sinnenreich

    Bahnhofstraße 19, 4150 Rohrbach-Berg

    +43 7289 2245820


    Experience history in the Böhmerwald (Bohemian Forest)
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    Hauptstraße 2
    4160 Aigen-Schlägl

    +43 5 7890-100

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