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Summertime at Bohemian Forest

Holiday for families, for anglers, culinary delights, culture and history interesting, for biker, golf, riding, hiking or visting on our Events, you find all in the Region Bohemian Forest!

Discover together

Have time for each other, discover new things, feel good - therefore looks families in the most beautiful time of the year. In the Bohemian Forest you will find rural idyll in a Relaxing Environment. The kids can find pleasure on one of the many playgrounds, in the heated outdoor pools or watch the animals in various animal parks aroud. Families are always welcome at our hosts.

Fishing on the Great Mühl

The Great Mühl is like the lifeline of the Uppes Mühlviertel! Fascinating ist the dark water with gold sparkles in he light oft the morning sun. The water in the river bed is first quality class and it is full of brook trout, grayling and chub romp. Behind large chunks of bedrock deep pools have formed - an ideal venue for capital fish. Fly fishing on the Great Mühl requires patience and a lot of feeling. Therefore all experienced Anglers like the 4,5 km long section of the watercourse. Immediately following is the general fishing line with a length of 2,6 km.

Enjoy the Bohemian Forest

Culinary delights await you in many variations: Whether our 2 gault millau chef, the first beer Sommelier world Champion or a lot of other regional top Cooks serve you fine dining an sumptuous regional food specialities. Local beer breweries convince with their speciality beers on full-length - for example: there can even be a beer served for dessert. Also typical are dumplings in many variations, linseed specialities or traditional cooking as to times of Adalbert Stifter.

Golf in the Bohemian Forest

The most beautiful view on a beautiful landscape you ca enjoy if you are on the 9-Green of Golf Park Bohemian Forest. At the entrance to the Golf Club Bohemian Forest you cross the border of daily live and enjoy! It almost seems as if nature had even planed the Golf Park Bohemian Forest.
"You cannot describe our 27-hole course - one must experience or better said: Come and Play!"

Culture and history

The Bohemian Forest offers all kinds of tradition, historical sights and culture: the monastery Schlägl and it´s associated pin brewery, famous monuments such as of poet Adalbert Stifter, illusions at Villa sinnenreich, Music experiences in the Mechanical Sound Factory, history in new arranged Weaving Museum, the Wood-Exhibition or the herb garden, your experience will be remembered! The two towers Alps- and Moldauview are worth a visit. Even if the Mühlviertel is not always model for the works of local artists, it is Inspiration or a retreat space to let their mind run free. So this Region is the bírthplace of imaginative masterpieces.

Border-free Biking pleasure in the Bohemian Forest

Biking in the Holiday Region Bohemian Forest means to explore enchanting natural paradise and almost forgotten cultural monuments. The wilderness in the Sumava National Park, the stunning biodiversity of Europe reserve Bohemian Forest and the valleys of the rivers great, Little and Stone troughs Mühl, the lush green hills and all the other Little Details along the way would like to be discovered.

Riding in the Bohemian Forest

You can explore this riding-paradise on a horseback. Especially families find more and more interest in riding, Young and old find there pleasure. If you have never been on al horse then you have in the Holiday Region Bohemian Forest the optimum chance to come into cointact with the animals slowly. If you are an experienced rider, you many find pleasur in a trail ride with different other horse owners to discover the Mühlviertel.


Celebrate has a long tradition in Upper Austria. Each year, attractive major events such as the Weavers´ Market, bring visitors from near and far in the Bohemian Wood. In Addition to the Major Events, there ist also a wide range of smaller cultural Events and Club parties.

Recreation on the green belt of Europe

The Sumava extends the triangle Upper Austria / Bavaria / Bohemia and is  delightful Holiday destinattion - especially for hikers. On the way of one of the many hiking trails in the Holiday Region of Bohemian Forest we meet many witnesses of the past - centuries-old-trees, Special rock formations in bizarre shapes - each of them has ist own Story. On a like through the Bohemian Forest, you fid your harmony with nature, peace and quiet. Our Special theme paths are very suitable for families and interestig for children.

Tip: Walking on the path of slowing down - This trail will take you an different routes through the Bohemian Forest and connects 50 power- and energy-spaces. You can hike from 3 to 7 days to meet all the numerous ancient places of power and view Points were you upload your energy. The nice catch benches are offers to relax. Make a rest and feel the invigorating energy  you will leave the Bohemian Forest well recovered.