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Textiles Zentrum Haslach

In the textile center of Haslach there are permanent workshops, where weekends, lectures and smaller presentations take place.

The hand weaving studio

The hand weaving studio is open to the courses of Textile Kultur Haslach and Shuttle. It is equipped with several hand looms, weaving implements and specialised literature. Also in the studio are the CAD equipment for pattern development on the power looms in the mechanical weaving hall, a beamer and presentation facilities which make the studio fit for all kinds of training and lecturing activities.


The Aktivraum is used for workshops and training programmes of Textile Kultur Haslach, Manufaktur Haslach and the Museum of Weaving. It is equipped with a dyeing kitchen. Natural light and direct access to the garden encourages working with colours and fibres. It is also suitable as a seminar and lecture room, and is therefore used as the central location for the shuttle courses.

Weekend courses

The association TEXTILE KULTUR HASLACH was founded in 1991 with the intention to further textile art and culture on a broad basis. The Textile Centre Haslach organises courses, experimental workshops and special exhibitions.

The aim has been to create a link between tradition and modernity, art and craft, research and teaching experiment and practical experience. A big summer symposium is held in July each year. In the course of the 2-weeks’ event there are courses on offer centred around weaving on the hand-loom, but also quite a number of other textile techniques and creative crafts, held by renowned coaches from various countries. TEXTILE KULTUR HASLACH also organises a Weavers’ Market which is well known beyond the region. In the oldest part of the town textile creators from all over Europe present their high-quality products and original creations. A number of exhibitions, experimental workshops and a supporting programme with special lectures, theatrical and dance performances, readings, fashion shows and musical events complement the symposium, and are open to the general public as well as the experts.